Friday, November 11, 2011

Hmm, what font to use?

Experts recommend font Times New Roman or Arial in size 12 for business use.  But where it comes to social writing, whether it be an email, a Word document or a blog entry, we can play with fonts to our heart’s content.

Is this kind of creative freedom a pro or a con?  It can be a con.  Here’s why …

A few years ago I worked for an organization who looked after the interests of dentists.  Toward the end of the year a few of us got together to plan the Christmas party and brainstormed a few ideas.  In the end it was decided that Betty and I would be responsible for the design of the invitations, menus and table cards.

Betty set straight to work and seemed very serious about the task at hand.  I saw her typing, deleting, retyping, followed by intently peering at her computer screen.

Every now and then she would print something, look at it while pinching a frown, holding the paper alternatively at arm’s length and close up.  This was followed by more typing, deleting, printing and inspecting.  Things were not going well, I could see it.  Betty was shaking her head, biting her nails and sighing so hard I could hear her all the way in my cubicle. 

I felt guilty.  Betty was giving it her all while I had decided to catch up on my filing before giving my attention to the Christmas project.  I didn’t know that filing was going to take me this long.  I had started at 10:00 and oh dear, now it was 11:15 already.

“So sorry Betty,” I said after I was finally finished.  “I had to do the filing first or I can’t fully concentrate on the Christmas designs.”

“Oh no problem,” Betty waved, slightly irritated.  “I haven’t done anything either.  I’ve been looking at fonts and for the life of me I can’t decide which one to use.”

That’s the problem with fonts, they’re all so pretty and deciding can be difficult.

Look at the following

Kunstler Script for instance … beautiful,, isn’t it?  But it’s so hard to read.

Monotype Corsive, one of my favorites for casual writing.

French Script, it looks so … sophisticated

Informal Roman for when the mood strikes you

Chiller, suitable for Halloween

Lucinda Handwriting, could pass for something hand written

Lucinda Sans Typewriter, for when you long for the typewriting days.

Vladimir Script … hm, sounds Russian

Palatino Linotype, looks good and clean

As for colors … also important.  

For when you’re feeling blue

Red gets the attention

Orange is popular around Halloween

Yellow is so cheerful, isn't it?

Green when you want something different

Turquoise for the romantics among us

Royal blue for the sensible types

Burgundy when feeling a little depressed?

Pink for the girls

Oh so much to chose from.  I think I'm just going to stick to Century Gothic in black.  Or should I?


  1. Corsive is one my favorites too. Nice post, I am going to tweet this.

  2. Olivia, you commented !!! I'm so glad it finally worked for you.

    Thanks Alex, this was just a bit or horsing around, but if you think it's Tweet worthy ...

  3. Great post! Now we WILL need spectacles, an interpreter, and a magnifying glass too. Not enough choices yet. You should have added some mini-fonts, maxi-fonts, and a bunch of Bold and italics variations, variegated colours too, that would have increased the choices a bit. ~r ":)

  4. LOL Bold ... italics ... minis ... maxis ... I forgot about those.
    By why would you need an interpreter? Everything I wrote was in English, wasn't it?

  5. Of course it's tweet worthy. It's holiday related, fun, and office related.

  6. LOL! Thanks for giving me a headache this morning trying to read all those fonts and colors. :-) This one's a winner, Conny! Definitely worth some Tweets!

  7. Need some Tylenol there Diane?