Friday, August 26, 2011

To start things off with

There are a ton of articles (including some of my own) on-line how to handle a job interview.  As someone who has been on both sides of the interview table I consider myself – if not an expert – someone with advanced knowledge on the subject.  

As this blog will be about my new job, and employment in general, I think I should start off with the interview process.
My outfit was corporate: black suit, white blouse, black shoes and handbag.  Hair styled in a bun, make-up applied with a light hand, a minimum on jewelry, no perfume.

I arrived at the company with time to spare, went up to the 13th floor and met with Francine who needed an assistant.  It was almost as if we had a relaxed conversation, rather than a job interview.  Unfortunately, we hit a snag ... Francine had an allergic reaction.  With what little breath she had left, she asked me if I perhaps had a cat as she was extremely allergic to cats.  Before I could answer she had to rush from the room.

For the first five minutes I waited patiently, but then I started to wonder if Francine was coming back.  For all I knew an ambulance had to be called to give her emergency treatment.
Eventually I decided to leave and walked around the office looking for an exit.  I couldn’t find one but I did spot Francine across the office.  She was feeling better and suggested we continue the interview.
“Are you sure?” I asked her.  “I have not one but five cats, so obviously if you are allergic to cats, I’m not the best candidate for the job.”
Francine felt different and gestured for me to sit down.  Alright then.

After the interview I called the agency that sent me and spoke to my consultant.  “I don’t stand a chance,” I told her.  “The woman is allergic to me.  Well, not to me but to my cats.  She had an attack while I was there.”
“Oh that’s too bad,” Jeanine said.  “She never said anything about that in the job spec.”  Yeah well, I guess allergies don’t really come to mind when recruiting for an assistant.

Back home I had barely taken my coat off when the phone rang and Jeanine told me that I had the job.  I think I responded with a “Whah?”  I was so stunned you could have knocked me over with a feather. 

So now Monday is D-day.  I wonder ...


  1. Wonder of all wonders! You can never tell what will happen, can you? Just goes to prove it ain't over til the fat lady sings...or in this case, stops sneezing! ;-)

  2. For me it just goes to show Glory that you can't trust everything you read on-line. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut.