Thursday, September 1, 2011

A few bumps in the road

All beginnings are difficult and my first day of ‘flying’ solo was no different.

For starters I couldn’t get into my computer this morning.  I didn’t have a user name and I didn’t have a password.  I got on the phone and spoke to some I.T. dude who gave me what I needed.

From there I thought it was all systems go, but ahead there was another bump in the road.  When I tried to open my email, I needed a name and a password for that too.  Again I picked up the phone and called the help desk, but this time they couldn’t help me.  However, they would send a specialist to have a look at the problem.  He would be there within the hour.  If you saw a specialist, so did I.

In the meantime yet another problem presented itself ... my computer wasn’t hooked up to any printers.  Under normal circumstances selecting and installing a printer is child’s play, but not in this case.  There were hundreds of printers to choose from and all of them had mysterious codes.

For the third time I called the helpdesk and they promised that the specialist, who was on his way, would be able to help me with the printer problem too.  I waited and waited, but apparently the specialist was needed elsewhere.

As if that wasn’t enough, a fourth problem crept up ... literally ... a spider.  True, it was only a baby spider, but it was pitch black and creepy looking.  I tried to kill it (I didn’t need a specialist for that), but I missed and the tiny spider fell on the floor.  For the next fifteen minutes I was hand my hands and knees, looking for the beast, but it had disappeared. 

A short time later there was another baby spider.  That one I managed to kill, but I freaked out.  If there were two baby spiders, and a spider is known to lay a lot of eggs, how many more spiders were there?  And more importantly, if these were baby spiders ... where was mama spider?

What did I do?  You guessed it, I got on the phone again.  This time I called housekeeping and insisted they come and deal with the problem.  The lady I spoke to was quite honest, she told me it was too late in the day to deal with this problem now, but someone would show up tomorrow morning.   
They better show up and they better do something about it, because I don’t want the company of spiders.

Let’s hope the bumps in the road will be ironed tomorrow.  Let’s hope that I get hooked up with email, with a printer and that mama spider goes and raises her family elsewhere. 

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  1. In some cultures spiders are good luck, so ... But they creep me out. I have had all those technical issues before as well. At my last job I ended up being the go-to person for computer issues because the person they paid to do the job was always running his wife's errands and jumping for his mother-in-law who also worked there. I wonder what they did after they laid me off haha. Well, here is hoping you have a good one tomorrow. New jobs are never easy, even if they are what you want.